Creepy Games pt. 1

I feel it is necessary to write somewhat of a disclaimer here, because the games I’m going to explain in a series of posts aren’t for everyone. Some people put spiritual merit into these and due to that refuse to play them, or due to that, play for their own special purposes, but as for my friends and I, we played these for fun in the same way people tell scary stories around a campfire for fun. I don’t post these as anything other than games; not meant to be taken seriously. Most of these are purely psychological; if you experience anything spooky, it’s likely all in your head, but it is fun nonetheless. 

With that said…

Part One: Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

A favorite among my friends and I, this game requires about five people. I’ll lay the general game play out in steps.

  1. Player A lays down flat on his back.
  2. Everyone, especially Player A, should be calm and quiet.
  3. Everyone not laying down (Players B) should then take two fingers of both hands and slide them under the body of Player A. (This is why it is best to have about four people; so that they can spread out around either side of Player A.)
  4. Slowly, Players B should then begin to lift Player A upward, while chanting in unison “Light as a feather, stiff as a board” until Player A is lifted (a few inches is all that is necessary) and then carefully lay him back down.
  5. If it worked correctly, Players B should have easily been able to lift Player A using only two fingers of each hand, almost as if Player A were light as a feather and stiff as a board.

A variation I have seen of this involved Player A sitting in a chair, and Players B would lift them above the chair. Some of my classmates in high school actually did this to a teacher just to prove to them that it was possible. I don’t recall any chanting being involved during that attempt; the act of chanting during this game is believed to simply be a way to focus each participate and make them feel as though they are actually capable of lifting Player A so that they exert enough strength to do so (chanting also makes the whole thing seem creepier, thus it is a fun thing to try around Halloween when you’re in the mood to be scared). As I said above, these things are psychological.